“Supporting productive Employment by supporting young entrepreneurs”

Kigali, Rwanda – Today we join the rest of the world to celebrate the Labour Day. As employers, we strongly support productive employment and better working environment that enable growth and promote young entrepreneurs.

This is also an opportunity for PSF to remind all our esteemed Members to comply with Labour laws with a particular emphasis on Occupational Health and Safety policy in their respective companies and business associations. Evidence has shown that good Occupational Health and safety practices in a country reduce costs of doing business and eventually attract more investments.

The leadership of PSF has reiterated the need for everyone’s role in dealing with the issue of standard and guidelines for health management in our different workplaces. We recognise the importance of health management in companies for decent employment. Standards and health companies will help to increase people’s competitiveness and usher in opportunities for growth.

High standard of service delivery to customers, the speed of work can be fast and the working hours long should be a significant part of our organizational bahaviour. It should be noted that providing a safe and healthy working environment contributes to the well-being, morale and productivity of employees.

The implementation of Occupational Safety and Health at work place program will play a vital role not only for the benefits of the employees, but also for the private sector and the Country at large.

We all know that we still have a long way to go. Therefore, we take this opportunity to call upon all Private Institutions, Self Employed Persons and Workers in general, to combine our efforts in stopping Deaths and Injuries on the job.

As employers, we are responsible for ensuring that the working environment is safe and healthy.

As workers, we are responsible to work safely and to protect ourselves and not to endanger others, to know our rights and to participate in the implementation of preventive measures.

The Private Sector Federation as an umbrella of Private sectors will continue to put more efforts in coordination, Monitoring and evaluation, Networking, advocacy and participation, to promote occupational health and safety within its members.

We wish you a wonderful Labour Day.